Our third book, Breast Wishes, is dedicated to breast cancer survivors — Women of Strength.


Breast Wishes was written to celebrate the thousands living in spite of this frightening disease – Survivors, Warriors, Women of Strength. Our third book is a book of hope; our focus is on life. It is on the positive steps, small but positive happenings in cancer treatment.


The women on our journey are amazing. They have taught us so much.


The women: walking the cancer walks; running the runs; counseling other women and those just hanging on and learning how to live with the overwhelming change; the young moms coping with the fatigue at the same time as raising little ones and trying so hard to be strong; the grandma sharing the news and seeing the look of panic in their family’s eyes.


With courage and strength, day by day they laugh, live and love despite the changes and despite the adversity. They are the Women of Strength this book is dedicated to and who inspire us all on our life journey. Theirs are the pictures in our dedication and the stories that we have shared throughout the book. We celebrate them and their families.


A sincere thank you to the women who responded to our requests and shared their pictures or pictures of family or friends for our book. Our prayers are with you and all women battling this disease.