Breast friends invite you to participate by remembering in prayer those people whose names are listed here. We also welcome you to submit names of loved ones or your own name, if you wish to be added to our prayer list. Join us in our common prayer intentions. First names are adequate, and, if you choose you can include your home town or city.

  • Melba writes: I would like you to pray for healing for my neice Velma Frost who was diagnosed with breast cancer. I believe that God will heal her so that she can have years with her four-month-old baby. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Please pray and send positive healing thoughts to Judy. She is going through  breast cancer treatment and still dealing with the loss of her husband.
  • Please pray for Veronica and her family who have dealt with Veronica’s cancer diagnosis and the loss of her brother in a drowning accident. Our thoughts are with you.
  • Brenda Campbell asks that you please pray for her friend Lily Gibson of Kamloops who is undergoing treatment for cancer in the tissue around her heart. She has had one lung removed and that was when they discovered it had spread to other areas.
  • Marissa writes: I ask for your prayer. Today I will be admitted to the hospital. Tomorrow I will be scheduled for operation for MRM of right breast. I have breast cancer. Please pray for my recovery.
  • Prayers for  Andy and Kim Bobsin from Jefferson, IN.
  • Our prayers are with a wonderful community member working hard to heal — Shelly Hanchuk.
  • Having a “breast friend” currently finishing up round 7 of 8 chemotherapy sessions has definitely given me an appreciation of what this disease puts women through! My prayer though is for her to realize her strength and how many people right now in the world that are drawing strength from her! She is a mother of three young boys, a wife, sister and good friend to many! Through this battle she has maintained her dignity, her drive to be a great mom-even when it meant braving a freezing cold hockey rink just so her son would have his mom at his last game of the season! She has maintained her zest for fitness and love of fashion even though neither seemed like a priority when even the energy to get out of bed seemed exhausting!  Julie you are an inspiration to all of us and every life you touch!!!    Xoxo
  • Heartfelt prayers for 6 year old Erin Mansell from FlinFlon.
  • Lynn Stalnaker – awaiting approval for the gamma-knife surgery. Our prayers are with you Lynn.
  • Please pray for Tom. He is a 17 year old teenage boy in Regina. His cancer has returned.
  • Prayers for my mom, for good recovery from her second bout. Love from her daughters.
  • This prayer is for my Auntie Terri. She is suffering from multiple types of cancer and is in a lot of pain. My prayer for her, is to be pain free! Nothing is worse then watching someone you love go through so much pain and bad news and you can do nothing about it. My wish is that she will be able to spend Christmas with our whole family and for one day feel no pain. Auntie Terri I love you so much and continue to pray for you everyday. You are always in my thoughts!
  • Elane McKinnon
  • Peyton Hoffman, Edmonton
  • Friend having lumpectomy for breast cancer. Hoping for a speeding recovery and return to health and happiness.
  • A best friend and sister-in-law Norma M. She is the kindest most caring person I know and I love her dearly!! She is a great mother to my neices and nephews. Please add more prayers (I do it several times a day!) to her speedy recovery from breast cancer. She is currently going through chemotharapy and it takes a toll on her mind, body and spirit. We have just begun our battle with cancer and I pray daily that Norma gets the strength to make it through each day.
  • Yuma-Linda – A bright light in the lives of many – who we know will be just fine – but has to get by this bump in the road.

Into all of our lives comes the mystery of illness and pain. this veiled visitor, sickness, should always be greeted with prayer. First Nations people believed that medicine should never be given to a sick person unless prayer is also given They recognized the profound relationship between physical health and that of the inner person and the relationship between human lives and the Divine Mystery.

Illness can come to us personally, to a member of our family or a close friend. When sickness comes to our family, it is an occasion to join our hearts in prayer for the healing of the sick person, whether child or adult. When we ourselves or members of our family are sick and need medicine, we too should let that medicine be accompanied by prayer.


After we have recovered through prayer, medical care and rest, we can lift up our hearts in gratitude for the gift of health. this gesture can be not only a prayer of thanksgiving but also of rededication to seeking a constant condtition of good health through proper diet, rest, recreation and prayerful living.


Often, we are asked to pray for a friend or member of the family who is sick. This prayer allows us to encircle the sick person with the power of God as well as with our own love and affection. By praying in times of sickness, we can become more conscious of our interdependency upon one another as well as of our intimate relationship with God.


To turn at times of illness, only to medical science, even with all of its marvellous gifts and knowledge, is to treat only half the person. By prayer and medicine, we do indeed find what the American Indian called “good medicine”, a healing for body and soul.