About The Breast Friends


We have less career time — four more have retired. Since we started in 2004 we have learned so much and have listened to virtually thousands of women’s stories about their fight with cancer.


Our first book was written to help deal with grief… sisters, friends and a mom lost to breast cancer.


Our second book was written again in the midst of grief, this time a husband lost to melanoma, and special family and friends lost to other cancers.


For a while we got frustrated and said, “Why are we still raising awareness? Women not only know about this hideous disease but they are scared stiff of it. The disease continues; there doesn’t appear to be advancements. Are we spending too much money on awareness?”


But then you read the recent stats, the wonderful stats that say the death rate is down 25%, that mammography, although it isn’t the answer or the cure, is helping to save lives.


Pink ribbons and breast cancer campaigns are reminding women to do what they need to do. Do you know the most shocking new statistic is that still only 34% of Canadian woman over the age of 50 are going for annual mammograms? Even with that low number, early detection is saving thousands of lives. Imagine how much those stats would change if every women would get tested.


We decided that awareness still has a place. Breast cancer scares us, but we have to continue getting those horrible, boob-squeezing tests and finding those lumps early until we learn what else we can do to protect ourselves. Therefore, Breast Friends continue to contribute toward awareness. We also support research into lifestyles and environment.


We are very proud that the sale of the cookbooks has generated over $1 million in donations. We can’t believe it either!