Breast cancer can be detected at an early stage. When you have a small lump in your breast, it is advisable to show it to a doctor. The lump may be non-cancerous, and they might be due to some hormonal changes in the body, but never leave it unattended. Some of the symptoms of breast cancer include the formation of lumps and discharges from the nipple area. When you have such symptoms, you always need to go to the hospital to get things sorted out. The earlier you find out about a tumour, the easier it is to prevent it from spreading to other cells.

Beneficial Home Remedies for Breast Cancer

Apart from medical treatments, you can try to have some home remedies which can help you fight breast cancer:

Consuming garlic rich food:

Garlic is very good for health as it has various antibiotic properties that are used to kill infectious agents like bacteria, yeast, fungi etc. Garlic has alkyl sulphur in it, and this compound acts as a perfect anti-cancer agent. The compound helps the malignant cells to undergo cell death and also plays an essential role in helping the immune cells to fight cancerous cells. You can eat a raw garlic rather than consuming it in a cooked form.


The compound named proanthocyanidins in grapes help in decreasing the formation of estrogen in our body. Consumption of grapes is thus considered as one of the best home remedies for breast cancer. Studies have shown that the extract from grapes has influenced the tumours that are hormone sensitive. Thus you can consume grape or grape juices on a daily basis to promote antitumour activity.


Tomatoes have a chemical named lycopene. It is an powerful antioxidant that helps in killing the free radicals and helps in preventing the tumour cells from growing and spreading to other parts of the body. The chemical also inhibits the growth of a tumour. Lycopene is also said to be very effective for other cancers.


Spinach helps in preventing breast cancer. It has many antioxidants and nutrients such as lutein which protects us from breast cancer. It also helps in preventing oral, colon and stomach cancer. Spinach also contains zeaxanthin and carotenoids that aid in flushing the free radicals and other unstable molecules from our body.


Wheatgrass is very helpful for cancer patients. When you drink the juice from the wheatgrass, your body gets the ability to fight the growth of cancer cells. It also improves our immune system, and you can get rid of all the toxins and waste products from your body.


Broccoli is loaded with Cancer-fighting compounds. It has a compound named indole-3-carbinol which helps in altering the metabolism of estrogen, and it also helps in reducing the growth of a tumour in the breast. The compound also helps to prevent cervix and prostate cancer.